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A Company Committed to Excellence

At Riptide Marine & Land Construction, we believe that the best contractor is a transparent and honest builder.  Oftentimes, interested customers have an idea of what they want but do not fully understand what it takes to build their vision.  We want to ensure that customers know what they are getting and why.  This work can be complex, and too often, it is written off as straightforward, which can leave the customer not knowing the difference between what they are buying and what they need.  The most expensive product isn’t always the best choice, and sometimes the least expensive isn’t worth the investment.  


Riptide Marine & Land Construction is a veteran owned business, providing marine construction services to Ponte Vedra Beach, Saint Augustine, Jacksonville and its surrounding areas. Specializing in boat docks, sand fences, seawalls, bulkheads and more, Riptide Marine & Land Construction will ensure that your marine construction project meets the highest of standards.

We specialize in dock build and dock repair services. Our experienced team of marine construction professionals will work with you to customize your dock and ensure it is built to your exact specifications. We also specialize in dock repair, ensuring your dock is in top condition and ready to use.

At Riptide Marine Construction, we provide reliable and durable sea walls and bulkheads to protect against erosion and provide structural support. We use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques to ensure that your sea wall or bulkhead is built to last.

Our Marine Construction team provides sand fencing and dune walkovers to help protect and restore coastal environments. Our sand fencing helps to reduce beach erosion, while our dune walkovers provide safe access to the beach for visitors. We use the highest quality materials to ensure the long-term integrity of our installations.


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